★What are some of the most inspirational photos ever taken?


main-qimg-12b60f3d6a63669e16e3e41045659de5 main-qimg-9014ef56eb24a9e0b5b85cbcd1dd33dbThere’s this girl named Tippi Degré who’s friends with wild animals (that were in noway tamed or trained by humans). Pictures of her are an inspiration, and a constant reminder of our link to Earth and its inhabitants.

main-qimg-fb1d30cd6ca1880420f4f96c5aea7730 main-qimg-4ebae3c6ae21d096ea0bcf0a656f03a9 main-qimg-4343a53954fab4da7aea5f09fa46f7ef main-qimg-0c19ed4f3eb9a1de42b3982c7118d3d8 main-qimg-e5ebdded320a8fa1d58785e024bd5830 main-qimg-9dba328da37f6e5c63a2885e8599a5f0 main-qimg-eacfeab87009f6932974b7648a45f93c

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Inspire me.

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