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“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
–Napoleon Hill

“Whatever the m…

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Dream – Motivational Video

Always chase your dream.

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How do you stay Hungry for Success?

Answer from a man who lost everything when he entered prison:
 me hunger is doing 2 years in prison for a fight I got into when I was young, losing every single business, car, condo, girlfriend, life, I poured my blood, sweat and tears into. While getting out and figuring how to rebuild my empire starting with absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, nothing- not even a single pair of jeans. 

Figuring out how to pay rent every month, with no car, and wondering where my next meal is going to come from. Being bold enough to figure out how to balance long term visions, dreams and goals, with everyday struggles and demands. 

Delaying all gratification but staying afloat by any means necessary in the day to day, while searching for something that provides the flexibility to grow into these long term stretch goals. Dealing with a broken grill because you can’t get dental treatment in prison, 2 root canals and over $10k worth needed in dental treatments. Saddled with $150k in restitution because the judge felt 2 years wasn’t enough. Constantly figuring out how to keep my background out of the lime light, but not lose the edge that makes me, me. How to get my book published that took me 2 years to write and continue to brand myself an expert with no capital to put towards the cause. 

How to live and accomplish the dream and life I’ve always envisioned, without ever settling. 

For me, I never have a problem trying to figure out how to stay hungry, because I stay fucking starving. 

Thank you for the question.

This is a great depiction of the burning ambition that fuels my drive:


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