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Will Smith – Running & Reading (The Key to Life)

Running and Reading.

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Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen

Describes the secrets to be happy and appreciate what you got!…and buy sunscreen.

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What are important qualities of that significant other?

  • Someone you can trust.
  • Someone you can consider to be your best friend.
  • Someone who is happy overall.
  • Someone who is easy to please.
  • Someone who will believe in and support you.
  • Someone you can count on to stay by your side, even if life temporarily turns sour.
  • Someone who makes you happy and you enjoy spending your time with.
….Funny thing is, is that the first step towards happiness is to apply this to yourself. Trust yourself, consider yourself your best friend, be happy, be easy to please, believe in yourself and dreams, count on yourself, and hell…you better love spending time with yourself!

It might seem strange reading that philosophy, but it is true. Sooooo many people try to impress others and live for other people, when the reality of it is, is that people will naturally like you, appreciate you, and stand by you, when you do the same for yourself first. 


Love yourself. Everything else will fall into place like it was meant to. 


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The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

ImageJuliane Koepcke grew up in Lima, Peru, before moving, at 14, to the Peruvian rain forest, where her parents, Maria and Hans-Wilhelm Koepcke, established the Panguana Ecological Research Station. After two years of accompanying them on research trips into the jungle, Juliane returned to Lima to complete high school.

On December 24, 1971, Juliane, 17, and her mother boarded a flight in Lima bound for Pucallpa, the city with an airport closest to Panguana, to visit her father for Christmas. In her own words:

My days in Lima are wonderful. Despite my jungle experience, I am a schoolgirl. I spend my vacations in Panguana and my school days with classmates in Lima.

My mother prefers to fly to Pucallpa earlier, but a school dance and my high school graduation ceremony are on December 22 and 23, respectively. I beg my mother to let me attend.

“All right,” she said. “We’ll fly on the 24th.”

The airport is packed when we arrive the morning of Christmas Eve. Several flights had been canceled the day before, and hundreds of people now crowd the ticket counters. About 11 a.m., we gather for boarding. My mother and I sit in the second-to-last row on a three-seat bench. I’m by the window as always; my mother sits beside me; a heavyset man sits in the aisle seat. Mother doesn’t like flying. She’s an ornithologist and says it’s unnatural that a bird made of metal takes off into the air.

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The COMPLETE List to Self-Improvement

Stop reacting and start responding- The most important change that you need to make in yourself is that you should start responding and stop reacting. Well what is the difference between the two?

The difference between responding and reacting is that a bad situation can become worse or a bad situation can become better. The act of responding requires one to look at the circumstance, identify the problem or situation, hear what is happening and reflect and then act.

Reacting on the other hand is instantaneous. It does not involve any thinking and reflection.Reactive people are very easily affected by their social environment. When they are treated well they feel nice and when they are not they become sad ,defensive and lose their cool.

People who respond are also affected by external stimuli, may it be physical, social, or psychological.  But their response to the stimuli, conscious or unconscious, is based on wise thinking and analysis.

Stop concerning and start controlling.- Everyone is concerned about various things – our health,wealth,love,career and 101 other things.To improve yourself you need to put your efforts and energy to the problems that are under your control(or influence) and stop worrying about things you are concerned about but cannot be controlled.

Again reactive people try to take control of the things they are concerned about and not the ones that are actually under their influence. They focus on the
weakness of other people, the problems in the environment, and circumstances over which they have no control. As such they waste their time and energy and in the end feel lost.

Whereas people who are not reactive tend to focus on the things that are under their control.They work on those things they can do something about.

Stop criticizing and start understanding- Anyone can criticize, condemn and complain – and most people do.

But there are very few people who can control themselves and understand the other person.People often think that they are correct and the other one is wrong.This causes frustration, anger and you keep thinking about them.

We see things as we are conditioned to see and not as they actually are.There is a very interesting example to understand this.

The above picture is that of a young lady. It would not be difficult for you to find out. But what if someone says that the above picture is that of an old lady.

Would you start fighting with him? Well, i yes, then you are wrong. The above picture can be said to be a picture of an old lady.

Have a look at this

The Young Lady

The Old Lady

Instead of condemning people,  try to understand them. Try to figure out why they do what they do and why do they do so. You might not be always correct.

That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. 


“To know all is to forgive all.” 


Stop procrastinating and start acting- A very important habit that you need to inculcate within yourself is that you need to act to improve your life. Things will not change on their own, You will have to make them change. Many people wait for things to get better, they keep waiting and waiting and finally they get nothing.

Hope is indeed a good thing but it is definitely not a strategy.

Conclusion: In order to improve yourself and develop into your greatest self you will need to develop these habits.

It’s sometimes a painful process.It’s a change that has to be motivated by a higher purpose, by the willingness to subordinate what you think you want now for what you want later.

Happiness can be defined, in part at least,as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.

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