Neil Gaiman – Commencement Speech about Creativity

Neil Gaiman talks to a graduating student body about his life, philosophy, and experiences. His attitude towards life and how to reach his dreams are interesting to hear.

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Watch for Motivation.

Once you realize that the world around you was built by people no smarter than me and you, it will change your life forever – Steve Jobs

Time to push yourself. No matter what your dream is, make it into a goal and pursue it. Blood, sweat, and tears are just the ingredients. The final product is happiness and accomplishment that is unique to YOU. You are an individual. You are you.

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Dream – Motivational Video

Always chase your dream.

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Message to Humanity

This chaos has to stop

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Rise and Shine – Motivation of Athletes

Watch this, and win.

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Never Give Up – Powerful True Story of Motivation

This man tore his hamstring during the 400 meter in the Olympics, and was so determined to finish the race, that he did. One of the most inspiration videos I have ever seen in sports.

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Richard Branson – Necker Island Interview

Sir Richard Branson answers questions about the entrepreneurial spirit, social causes, and business as a concept.

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United We Stand

Everyone needs to see this video. It is about our troops, about our brothers, and about our country. Even if you are not from America, this video will inspire you to come together.

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Steve Jobs – Stanford Commencement Speech – Three Stories About his Life

Steve Jobs inspires a whole class of students at Stanford University. He tells three stories that captivate the audience. Listen to this man!

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